Jermy Roller Pedigrees

Very few documents relating to the Jermy family of Bayfield Hall are known to exist, most presumably were lost or destroyed when the Jermy estates were subsumed into those of the Prestons of Beeston Hall. The two that do exist are roller pedigrees that were created or commissioned by John Jermy and his son William Jermy. On the death of William in January 1752, one of them passed to the titled Preston family of Beeston Hall, and the other passed to the family of Rev. George Preston of Stanfield Hall. After the murder of his son Isaac Preston-Jermy in 1848 it passed to the Gwyn family.

Roller Pedigree of John Jermy of Bayfield
Roller Pedigree of William Jermy of Bayfield
Comparison of the Roller Pedigrees