General Record Office Birth Register Transcripts (1837 - 2004)

Civil registration of birth, marriage and deaths was begun on 1 July 1837 with the passing of the Births and Deaths Registration Act and the Marriage Act, of 1836. For the first time these events were entered in a single register for everyone in England and Wales. However, it has been estimated that up to 16% of births went unrecorded in England and Wales between 1837 and 1874. The index registers were kept at the General Record Office, St Catherine's House, Kingsway, London for a number of years, and then moved to the Family Records Centre, 1 Myddleton Street, London, EC1R 1UW. They are currently kept at The National Archives, Kew.

The birth, marriage and death index entries for people with the surname JERMY, JERMANY, JARMY, JARMYN, JARMANY, JERMEY, etc., and in some cases JERMYN have been transcribed. With the recent availability of the original indexes on the internet it has been possible to go through the entire set again and extract the entries for all possible name variants, including those entries for the surname GERMANY and GARMANY and their variants (GERMANEY, GERMENEY, GERMY, GERMI, etc.,). It is clear that in some cases JERMANY, JARMANY and GERMANY were completely interchangeable within a family, whilst in others GERMANY and its variants were used consistently with no variation, doubtless indicating completely different origins of the families. It should be noted that although the index entries for the JERMYN surname have been extracted from the Norfolk, Suffolk and London/Middlesex areas, they have not been transcribed from other regions - There are far too many Jermyn's who are in no way connected to the Jermy family of Norfolk to be considered.

The data contained here was originally transcribed over a five year period from the index registers in St Catherine's House and the Family Records Centre, London, as well as from microfiche copies in the Norfolk Studies Library, Norwich; Society of Genealogists, London; and the Church of the Latter Day Saints Family History Centre in Durban, South Africa. More recently, all the relevant index pages have been downloaded from, and and re-transcribed. It is well known that there are differences between the original bound index volumes and the microfiche copies, as well as omissions in both, so this data should not be regarded as the definitive listing of all the relevant birth, marriage and death registrations.

Although every effort has been made to avoid them, there have inevitably been errors in reading the microfiche and images, and in the transcription of the data, so it is recommended that before ordering a certificate for an event listed here its reference is checked in the bound volumes at The National Archives, Kew, or one of the websites mentioned above.

A series of maps showing the changing distribution of birth, marriage and death registrations, with time, are also included. It is clear from these that Norfolk is the main area where the Jermy family originally lived. The major concentration of Jermy registrations are in East Anglia and London, but most English counties have at least one event registered in them between 1837 and 1983.

September 1837 - December 1855
March 1856 - December 1880
March 1881 - December 1905
March 1906 - December 1930
March 1931 - December 1955
March 1956 - December 1983
March 1984 - December 2004
Geographical Distribution of Births