Changes in Birth, Marriage & Death Registrations with Time


The above graph shows the 10-year moving average of the annual Jermy (and variants) birth, marriage and death registrations between 1837 and 1983. It records the dramatic increase in birth registration from a low of three per year in 1837, to a high of 32 per year in 1910, and then a gradual decline to around 16 per year in 1983. The birth registrations in the early years between 1837 and 1874 may not reflect the actual number of births that occurred because of a general reluctance to register them. Marriage registrations show a steadier increase to 1940, with a rate of 27 per year; after which they reduce again to around 18 per year in 1983. Registrations of deaths slowly increased from 1837 to 1900, but then remained reasonably constant. It was only in the 1980's that the death registrations exceeded the birth registrations, but this is probably because those born in the "boom times" of 1905 to 1920 are now reaching the end of their lives.