William Jermy

Monuments and Memorials

As the obituaries and notices listed below indicate, William Jermy died in his home in Craven Street, Westminster, and was subsequently buried in St Michael, Aylsham, Norfolk.

Yesterday morning died at his house in Craven Buildings, William Jermy Esq., possessed of an estate of £1,000 a year and £10,000 in ready money. The General Advertiser, 22 January 1752

By the death of William Jermy Esq., a considerable fortune reverts to Mr John Lacam, an eminent jeweller in Pall Mall in right of his wife, who is related to him. The General Advertiser, 24 January 1752

Monday the remains of William Jermy Esq., was carried out of town from his late house in Craven Street to be privately interr'd at Aylsham in Norfolk in a vault with his ancestors. The General Advertiser, 29 January 1752

St Michael, Aylsham

Tomb of William Jermy - in its present position in the middle of the south aisle.

Tomb of William Jermy - white marble on side

Sacred to the Memory of WILLIAM JERMY of Bayfield in this County, Esq. here intombed. By whose decease on the 21 Jan 1752 in the 37 year of his age. The male issue of the BAYFIELD Branch of this Ancient Family Became Extinct.

He marryed to his first wife the Honble ELIZABETH RICHARDSON, Daughter and Heiress of WILLIAM Lord RICHARDSON, and to his second FRANCES youngest daughter of JACOB PRESTON of Beeston St Lawrence of this County, Esq. by whom this Monument was Erected.

He was the son of JOHN JERMY, Esq and MARY his wife, and grandson of JOHN JERMY, Esq and JANE his wife. Who with William another of the sons of the said JOHN and JANE, are interred in the adjacent chancel.

Tomb of William Jermy - east end compartment

Arms: A lion rampant guardant (Jermy, Argent, a lion rampant guardant gules); impaling, on the dexter side, On a chief three lions' heads erased (Richardson, Or, on a chief sable three lions' heads erased argent); and impaling, Ermine, on a chief three crescents (Preston of Beeston, Ermine, on a chief sable three crescents or.)
Crest: A griffin passant (Jermy, A griffin passant, wings expanded gules.)

Dexter background black.
Qly of six, 1, Argent a lion rampant guardant gules (Jermy), 2, Per pale or and vert a lion rampant gules (Bigod), 3, Azure a bend between six martlets or (Mountenay), 4, Argent three lions rampant and a chief gules (Yelverton), 5, Qly gules and argent (Cock), 6, Argent three picks sable (Chare), impaling, Gules three cross-crosslets in bend or (Wrench).

To dexter of main shield, Jermy, impaling, Qly, 1 and 4, Argent three bars and a canton gules (Fuller), 2 and 3, Or fretty sable and a chief azure three molets or (-----).

To sinister of main shield, Jermy, in pretence, Qly, 1 and 4, Argent a stork sable beaked and legged gules (Starkey), 2 and 3, Azure a fess nebuly ermine between three crescents argent (Weld).

Crest: A griffin wings elevated gules.

Mantling: Gules and argent.

Motto: Splendidum insigne virtus.

For John Jermy of Bayfield (the father of William), who married 1st, Mary, daughter of Samuel Fuller, and 2nd, Mary, daughter and heiress of the Rev. William Starkey, and 3rd, mary, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Benjamin Wrench. He died 25th October 1744.