Oxfordshire Parish Record Extracts

The extracts from the parish registers collected together here have been built up over a ten year period from a number of visits to various record offices and libraries in Britain, mainly in Norfolk & Suffolk. In most cases microform images of the original registers have been consulted, but a number of printed transcripts were also looked at - particularly for the majority of the Suffolk records. It is important to understand that in only a few cases were the registers looked at from the earliest entries (1560 or so) right up to the most modern entries. In most cases, just the more recent, easily read (!) entries have been extracted, and then only for baptisms, marriages or burials; not necessarily for all the parish events. It is certain therefore that many events that did take place in various parishes have been missed by me and so are not listed here.

Most of the parishes just have a couple of events recorded, but some have many events. There were far more parish registers that I looked at that did not reveal any entries for Jermy's, than did; and there are even more that I have not looked at at all, so the parishes listed below merely represent those in which I am particularly interested or where I got lucky! There are also a number of non-Jermy events listed - most of these are from related families, or where they are of particular interest to me.

Every effort has been made to minimise transcripion errors, but it is essential that you check any entry of interest in these extracts with the original document or microform copy.

Benson - St Helen
Berrick Salome - St Helen
Chalgrove - St Mary
Crowell - St Mary
Lewknor - St Margaret
Swyncombe - St Botolph