Letter from Francis Jermy to the Duke of Portland, dated 27th May 1763, concerning the shipment of a painting

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Used with the kind permission of Manuscripts and Special Collections, The University of Nottingham. Ref: Portland Collection Pw F 5871.

My Lord,

Mr James Moray who was lately at Naples, has sent me a square case for your Grace marked R No. 1 containing a picture, which uniform to his desire, I have loaded on the Britannia, Capt. Hingston. Herewith have the honour to transmit your Grace’s bill of lading for same & for the charges thereon Dollars 3-10 I have debited your account. The ship proposes setting out soon, & I hope will meet a safe & quick despatch to England.

Always devoted to your grace’s command, I have the honour to profess myself with the most profound esteem;

My Lord,
Your Grace’s most obedient humble servant

Francis Jermy

Leghorn the 27th May 1763
His Grace the Duke of Portland

p.s. I must not omit acquainting your Grace, that Mr Thomas Patch, painter at Florence, has sent me for you a small case of pictures, concerning which, whenever your Grace thinks proper to honour me with your commands, I shall obey them with the greatest pleasure & punctuality.

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