Letter from Francis Jermy to the Duke of Portland, dated 23rd January 1764, concerning the shipment of eleven cases of goods

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My Lord,

I had the honour to write your Grace the 27th May, and as peace is now totally established, I have uniform to your directions sent the eleven cases to England by the Hawker, Capt. William Anstie, who will sail in a day or two for London direct. I think it necessary to mention to your Grace that the utmost care was taken in sending then onboard, and the strongest directions given to the master of the ship to put them into a proper place, where they can receive no damage, he has accordingly done same, and I am persuaded they will go safe to your Grace. I think proper to give any orders to Mr William Arnold, Broker on the Royal Exchange, he will acquaint you when the ship arrives, and to everything needful in getting them safely conveyed to your Grace’s house, and it will give me infinite pleasure, to learn that they are in good order. The ship is entirely new, this her first voyage and the utmost diligence has been used in every respect. Inclosed I have the honour to hand Your Grace the bill of lading, as also of a case containing pictures, forwarded by Mr Patch of Florence, loaded on the same conveyance, and the charges on the whole being dollars 60-7. I have carried same to the debt of your account.

I shall be extreme glad to receive the honour of your Grace’s commands on every occasion in Italy, and crave leave to subscribe myself with the profoundest veneration and respect;

My Lord,
Your Grace’s most devoted & most obedient & humble servant

Francis Jermy

Leghorn the 23rd January 1764
His Grace the Duke of Portland

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