Frances Michell's Letter

Letter written at Bayfield in Norfolk, September 5 1766, by Frances, daughter of Jacob Preston of Beeston St Lawrence, married first to William Jermy of Bayfield, secondly to John Michell, Esq.

"I am the daughter of one of those private English families who boast of ancient gentility 1....

My grandfather Isaac Preston was knighted by Charles I.2 I have heard he was one of those who attended him to the scaffold, and his estate suffered in his cause. My father has shown me an emerald ring, ye gift of ye King, to his father a short time before he died. The ring was stolen out of his bureau by a workman about the house who knew not its history."

1 Not that ancient, according to Walter Rye.
2 Mistake; Should be William III. See comments by Walter Rye.

Ref: Norfolk Record Office, File MC 734 - The Preston Family of Old Buckenham