Contemporary Broadsheets about the Murders

A Full and Particular account of the Horrid Murder of Isaac Preston, Esq

This broadsheet is of particular interest because it appears to have been published shortly after the murders, possibly a day after the inquest, which took place on Sunday 3rd December 1848. It names J B Rush as the likely murderer before he was committed for trial. The broadsheet was evidently composed in haste - judging by the poor grammar and punctuation. Its title refers to Isaac Preston being one of the victims, whilst the body of the text refers to him as Isaac Jermy.

The Final Examination of, and Committal, of J. B. RUSH

This broadsheet was published shortly after the final examination of Rush which was held on 14th December 1848. The grammar and punctuation also leave a great deal to be desired - perhaps to be expected since the same printer produced both these broadsheets.

The rest of the broadsheets were published to coincide with the trial and execution of James Blomfield Rush in March - April 1849, and are arranged in approximate chronological order.
The Stanfield Hall Murders
  The Sorrowful Lamentation and Farewell of J.B. Rush
Confession of Rush, The Murderer!
Life of James B. Rush
The Sorrowful Lamentation of James Blomfield Rush
Life, Trial and Execution of James B Rush 
The Execution of James Blomfield Rush
Execution of Rush
The Life and Execution of James Blomfield Rush
Rush's Lamentation!

This broadsheet appears to be a combination of a few paragraphs from "The Life and Execution of James Blomfield Rush" and the song from "The Sorrowful Lamentation of James Blomfield Rush", with one verse deleted.

The Execution of James Blomfield Rush