Frances Michell, nee Preston, widow of William Jermy of Bayfield


Frances Michell's will was written on 28 October 1788, and this together with a codicil was finally proved on 19th January 1792. It is quite a simple document stipulating the following requests and bequests:

To be buried in a plain elm coffin. Not in Kensington, but some County church not less than 20 miles from London
To my son Charles Michell of Forcett my gold watch by Mudge, pearl necklace, all my remaining jewels, my plate, books, linen and ornamental china, together with his father's picture in enamel
To my son George Michell, Capt. in Eleventh Regiment of Dragoons, my house in Kensington with all furniture, my picture, coach house and stable
To daughter Amelia Calder, wife of Robert Calder a Captain in Royal Navy £100 for mourning
To sister Horne ten quineas, to my sister Boehm £50
Various bequests of ten and five quineas to various neices and nephews
Appoint sons Charles and George Michell and nephew Edward Horne executors