Geographical Distribution of Jermy Families in 2001

The following sets of maps show the distribution of Jermy (and variants) taken from the 2001 UK Telephone Directory and the 2000 Electoral Roll. These sources obviously will not list everyone of a particular surname, but doubtless give a reasonable estimate.

In a similar fashion to the distribution of the Jermy birth, marriages and death index entries, most Jermy families are to be found in East Anglia, Essex and London. Twenty or more families are also living in Kent and Yorkshire. One or two families are to be found in most other English counties, plus a few in Scotland and Northern Ireland. There are far fewer Jarmy families (22 compared to 434 Jermy households). The Jermany families are again mainly to be found in East Anglia and Essex, with a few others scattered around the northeast and southern regions. There are only 16 Jarmany families, compared to the 58 Jermany households. 81 Jermey families are to be found predominately in the southern and eastern regions of England, with only 34 Jarmey families scattered around the country.

The data was obtained from the 2001 version of the UK-Info Digital Phone Directory. The relevant information was imported into Excel where it was "massaged" prior to importation into the Custodian genealogical database program. It was subsequently imported into GenMapUK, where the maps were produced.

Jermy and Jarmy surname
Jermany and Jarmany surname
Jermey and Jarmey surname