Joseph Jermy's Family Documents

Among the documents given to me by Stewart Valdar was a pocket book originally owned by Joseph Jermy of Liverpool, containing a number of documents relating to his family, who originated in Norfolk during the eighteenth century, and who later settled in Bethnal Green during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Details of the documents are presented below, in approximate chronological order:

Hand writing on back of strip of paper, partly glued down.

Henry Jermy married Sarh Hounsly 1717
John Jarmin d. Elen Hol ..... 29
Mary Germy bapt. d. Jno. J
Beng. Jarmy son Wm. Jermy .... ar ....

Sarah Horseley married Henry Jermy at St Martin at Oak, Norwich. 10 August 10 1717
Benjamin son of William and Sarah Jermy bapt. 5 June 1725 at St Mary at Coslany, Norwich

Strip of paper (from a larger sheet) cut in three strips, pasted on bottom edge, the facing side gummed down with a fragment of a Liverpool trader's label. Written in dark brown ink.

John Jermy w w son of Jno Jermy Jnr. cr. 28 Jan 1726
(On line below in a later hand) John Jermy died 13 August 1751 aged 46

It is not clear if this is the "correct" John Jermy, or which church the event occurred in. The John Jermy who married Barbara Claxton in 1736 is assumed to have been baptised on 13 Jan 1706 at St Stephen, Norwich.

Paper pasted into book.

Fran(c)es, daughter of Mr Richard Ward and Sarah his wife was baptised 14 August 1737, as appeareth by our register of Wymondham in the county of Norfolk. Witness this 3rd day of April 1764. Jeremiah Forster, Parish Clerk

Frances Ward, single woman, 30+, of Heigham by Norwich married John Jermy, single man, 28+, worstead weaver of Norwich All Saints. Marriage Licence Arch. of Norwich 30 March 1771. Bondsman Thomas Abell, coachman of Norwich St Clement.

Paper pasted to a loose page. Handwritten certificate.

John, the son of John Jarmy and Barbary his wife was baptised the 29 day of May 1743, as appears by the parish register of St Giles, Norwich. Thomas Money cur.

John Jermy, the son of John Jermy and Barbara Claxton. Parents John Jermy buried, aged 46, 13 August 1751. Barbara Jermy, widow, aged 46, buried 25 July 1758.

Paper pasted into book. Testimonial.

The bearer of this, John Jermy was servant to me Twenty Years and approv'd Himself a very sober Honest and Industrious young Man, one whom I could safely trust and depend upon his integrity. He have left my Service about three years and I have not in that time heard but he maintain the same good character.
Norwich July 8th 1772. Phil. Stannard

Phillip Stannard (1703 - 1777) was a successful Norwich worstead weaver who had built up a large worstead textile business between 1728 and 1769.

Cut paper fragment, pasted on a page.

Litcham Dec. 23 1776
John Jermy of this parish widower and Susanna Pope of the same spinster were married in this church by licence July 21 1776.
By me Rc. Smyth Rec.

Cut paper.

Alexander Pope son of John and Susanna Jermy bap. 24 June 1777.
The above is a true extract. Th. Barnard. Curate of Litcham. 8 November 1796.

Loosely inserted vellum fragment, cut from an 18 century conveyance or will.

Ten lines of text in clerk's hand, relating to land. The ink is badly rubbed and difficult to read. It refers to Great Brickhill in the county of Buckinghamshire and Southwark in the county of Surrey, relating to the marriage of Ann Stanton(?)

Loosely inserted document. Indenture of Apprenticeship.

The indenture witnesses that Peter Jermey son of Peter and Mary Jermey of 19 Prices Court, Bethnal Green in the county of Middlesex of his own freewill and consent of his father doth put himself apprentice to Joseph Benton snr. Narrow Weaver to learn his art and with him (after the manner of apprentice) to serve for seven years in consideration of such service and no money paid by his said (sic) shall pay the said apprentice five shillings (per) week the first year ten shillings the second and third year and fifteen shillings (per) week the last part of his term his said master shall teach his said apprentice in the art of narrow weaving ....... his said father Peter Jermey willing to find the said apprentice Peter Jermey cloths, lodging, drink .... the said term.
August 2 year of George IV (1822)
wit. Nathaniel Hill x P. Jermey (mark) Joseph Barton P. Jermey (wit.) N. Hill

Reverse side of Indenture of Apprenticeship.

March 14 182_
..... Jermey
doth agree to
finish his time with
Benjamin Cottrell
In the presence of Joseph Burton
Edward Jermy (mark)
Benjamin Cottrell
witnessed: James Barton, John Baxter

Printed form, completed in ink

Peter Jermy of the parish of St Matthew Bethnal Green in the county of Middlesex, aged fifty years buried in the Gibraltar Burying-Ground, at Bethnal Green on the second day of May 1824, by me Wm. Brown.
Extracted from the Register of Burials kept at Gibraltar Burial Ground this tenth day of April 1839. By me James Brown Minister.

Gibraltar Row Burial Ground was for Protestant dissenters. It was in use from 1792 until 1855.

Printed paper, pasted in.

Bill of Dues for the internment of John Baxter in the churchyard of St Matthew, Bethanl Green on Sunday 25 January 1829 at quarter past 4 o'clock.
Items: Ground 15s; bell 5s; service in church 8s; Minister 2s; Clerk 2s 6d; Sexton 1s; extra depth 5s; candles 1s; banking 2s 6d. Total £2 2s.

Probably the John Baxter who appeared as a witness in the apprenticeship cancellation above.

Two Memoranda, loosely inserted.

Dated 15 and 17 September 1896 to Messrs. Jermy Brothers of Liverpool from G. Hunt, boot and shoemaker re: claims to the Jermy estate. Mr Hunt's business included general draper, hosier and haberdasher at 6 & 7 Clarendon Place, Clarendon Road, Notting Hill.

The significance of these documents is discussed further at: Gedaliah Hunt

Inside flyleaf, early 19th century ink handwriting.

A Cure for Rheumation (sic)
½ oz of Shultpher of Brimstone
½ oz Cream of Tartar
¼ oz Jullop
Mix them in half a pound of Treacle
Taken the same Morning fasting
an hour before breakfast in a
small teaspoonfull.