Plate bequeathed to St Michael, Aylsham

Plate bequeathed by William Jermy to St Michael's church, Aylsham, and purchased by his widow Frances (nee Preston).

It is an oval silver gilt dish with a border of ears of corn and vine leaves. Engraved in the centre is the sacred monogram, a Maltese cross, and an arrow, all encircled by rays.

It was made by William Cripps of London in 1752.

On the underside is engraved:

Nuper Uxor
Gul: Jermy Arm

It is marked with the leopards head crowned, lion passant, r for 1752 and WC for William Cripps.

This piece of plate was the subject of an untitled epigram about Mrs Frances Jermy haggling about its price.

Generous, gentle, pious Frances,
Out of Jermy's poor Finances,
Gave this to Aylsham Church & Poor,
But could not spare one Farthing more;
Oh Aylsham make Her bribe you higher,
Or threaten to return the Esquire.