Jermy Researchers

A number of Families Descended from the same Norfolk Ancestors -
John Jermy and Susannah Witaker, who were married on 11 October 1769 in All Saints, Salhouse.

This is also the branch of the family from which Louie Jermy of Poppyland was descended.

Janet Cork

Derek & Janet's web site
Descended from Francis Jermy and Rebeca Howes, who were married on 30 October 1842 at St Martin at Palace, Norwich. Some of their descendants remained in Norfolk, whilst others moved to Suffolk.
Michael Jermy
Descended from Matthew (Matthias) Jermy and Ann Rose of Wroxham, Norfolk. They were married on 7 June 1833 at St Mary the Virgin, Wroxham. Some of their descendants lived in Cranworth, Norfolk and later Strood, Kent.
Roger Jermy
Descended from Robert Jermy and Elizabeth Waters, who were married on 29 July 1833 at St Mary the Virgin, Wroxham. Some of their descendants lived in Cheshire.
Frank & Fiona Sendall Fiona's husband Frank Sendall was descended from Edward Sendall and Elizabeth Jermy, who were married on 26 November 1846 at St Mary, Erpingham. Elizabeth was the aunt of Louie Jermy of Poppyland, and herself descended from John Jermy and Elizabeth Claxton of Norwich.
Linda Taylor
Descended from Francis William Jermy and Thirza Mills of Potter Heigham, Norfolk. They were married on 21 May 1865 at East Ham Parish Church, London. A number of their children were licencees of Public Houses in Essex.
Paula Whittaker
Descended from William Jermy(n) and Pleasants Bennett, who were married on 13 October 1754 at St Andrew, Kirby Bedon, Norfolk. They subsequently moved to the Salhouse area of Norfolk.

John Jermy's web site Descended from James Jarmy and Elizabeth Mitchell who were married on 19 Feb 1776 at St Peter, Strumpshaw, Norfolk. They subsequently lived in the South Walsham area of Norfolk.
Malcolm Jermy
Descended from Thomas Jermy of Swyncombe, Oxon and Mary Hobbs of Great Cheverell, Wilts. Thomas Jermy was one of the claimants to Stanfield Hall in 1838. A note purportedly written by him was dropped at the scene of the Stanfield Hall murders by James Blomfield Rush in 1848. Some of Thomas and Mary's descendants lived in Sheffield.
Beryl Ellingford
Descended from Charles Jermy and Elizabeth Clarke who were married on 11 October 1771 at Bradwell, Suffolk. They and their descendants lived in the Burgh Castle, Belton and Hopton area of Suffolk.
John Millman

John Millman's web site
One of the primary researchers of the Jermy family. His website contains extensive details of all the branches of the old family, plus the origins of some of the more modern branches. His wife Shirley is descended from Jonathan Jermy and Sarah Bateman who married in Norwich during 1743.
Colin Jermy
Descended from Robert Germany and Frances Sharman of South Walsham, Norfolk. They were married on 11 October 1796 at St John the Baptist, Reedham, Norfolk. Some of their descendants lived in South Walsham and Hemblington before moving to London.

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