St Stephen, Coleman Street, London


St Stephen, Coleman Street, London
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Drawing by John Coney, 1814.

The medieval church was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666, rebuilt by Wren in 1674-6 and destroyed again by bombing in 1940, after which it was not rebuilt.

John Strype's 1720 revision of John Stow's original 1603 Survey of London includes a passing reference to a monument of Sir John Garme, copied from Stow's original text. The monument probably perished during the Great Fire of London.

Sir John Jermy, Knt., died in November 1560, and was buried in St Stephen, Coleman Street.
In the diary of Henry Machyn, citizen and merchant taylor of London, 1550 - 1563, is the following description of his funeral:

The xxiij day of November was bered in St. Stephen's in Colmanstrett, ser John Jermy, knyght of Suffolk, beyond Epwyche iiij mylles, the wyche was a good man of the age of iiijxx and ode, the wyche he left iiij sunes and iij dowthers, and he had a standard, and a pennon of armes, and cott armur, elmett, targett, and sword, and mantyll, and a iij dosen of skochyons and alff a dosen of bokeram; and the chyrche was hangyd with blake, and with armes; and there was mony morners, and gohyng to the chyrche a mornar beyrying the standard in blake, and anodur a pennon of armes, and then serten mornars; then cam master Somersett the harold bere the elme and crest, and after cam master Clarenshux beyryng ys cote armur, and the clarkes syngyng; and then cam the corse with the palle of blake velvett with skochyons on yt, and then came the cheyff morners, and after ys servandes in blake; and master Mollens the archdeacon dyd pryche; and after all done hom to a flecher's howse to dener.

Ref: Nichols, J.G. (ed) 1847. The diary of Henry Machyn, citizen and merchant taylor of London, from 1550 to 1563. Camden Society. No. 42.

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